Welcome to ROI Home Improvements, your source for replacement windows and replacement doors in the greater Waco area!

If you are looking for replacement windows or replacement doors, and you live in the the greater Waco, Killeen, or Temple area, we are your source!

ROI Home Improvements offers energy efficient windows and doors for both new construction, and to replace aging windows and doors in existing homes. We serve the greater Waco, Temple, and Killeen areas of Central Texas, but we can also travel to Austin, Dallas and all points in between. Our galleries show the many types of replacement windows and doors that we offer. ROI Home Improvements both sells these products, and installs them.

Now offering barn doors!


We’re hoping that once you’ve looked around our website, you’ll pick up the phone and call so we may visit you personally and show you some sample windows that we carry. It doesn’t cost anything to find out how much our windows are – we give free, in-home estimates. And we don’t do anything high pressure. We don’t like high pressure, and we won’t do it to you. Besides, we’re not worried about signing a contract on the spot. You can take your time, because we know once you talk to us, you will be confident that we really are the window and door experts. Every window manufacturer is different, and every installer is different. You are dealing with the biggest openings in your biggest investment – your home – and you don’t want just anyone tearing into it. We offer the best products available, with the best warranties at an affordable price.

Why ROI Windows and Doors is Different

We run our company differently than everyone else. First, we only do windows and doors – no roofing, siding or remodeling. That way we focus all of our effort, expertise and buying power in windows and doors. It doesn’t have to be rocket science, but there really is a lot to windows. It simply isn’t true that “a window is a window”, and we put everything into apples to apples terms to help you compare bids. We like to take the time to tell you as much as you want to know, so YOU make the best decision for your home.

Second, and most importantly, we perform the AAMA installation method that is not well known in this area, but it is the correct way to replace windows to guarantee no future damage to your home. Most installations in this area are not AAMA approved, although they are not against any local codes.

Finally, everyone that works for us is an employee, no day labor or subcontractors. Be sure to spend some time on the Installation page for some very valuable information.


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Whenever you are ready, give use a call and we’ll set up an appointment at a convenient time for you. If you do not want to spend the time reading all the information, please feel free to call anytime. We would love the opportunity to help in any way we can.

Windows for New Homes

And by the way, we do sell product only if you are building a new home. We can quote from your prints. If the correct windows are put in at the initial build, you should never have to replace your windows again. Unfortunately, very few people upgrade (typically about 15% higher cost) their windows from the low grade windows specified by the builder and they are looking at replacing their windows at a higher cost (now windows have been bought twice, and labor to install is higher for replacement) in about 10 years.

What Does R.O.I. Stand For?

For those of you asking, “What does R.O.I. stand for?” it is Return On Investment. Replacing your windows is consistently rated anywhere from number one to number five (depending upon which industry report: remodelers, realtors, etc.) on the home improvement upgrade that will get you the best return on the money paid. You enjoy the benefits of lowering your energy bills, which helps offset the initial cost and pay for the window upgrade, and then the resale value of the home is increased by the upgrade to the look and functionality to the new owners. We calculate that the average homeowner will get their return in 2-5 years, depending upon the size of the home and type of windows installed. After you have recouped your cost, you enjoy pure savings every month on your heating and cooling bill.

Thank you for considering R.O.I. Home Improvements, Inc. for your window and door needs, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Screen it in! Screen Room Solutions by R.O.I. Home Improvements

Welcome to R.O.I. Home Improvements, Inc. Specializing in Screen Room Solutions! Your Patio, Porch, Gazebo, Sunroom or Pergola Screen Room Enclosure answer for the greater Waco area.

We are excited to offer Screen Room Solutions, a simple, yet elegant solution to enjoying more of your outdoor space at a fraction of the cost of a traditional solid structure. Anyone looking for a sunroom, solarium, or any kind of patio enclosure, we can fit almost any configuration. This is a very affordable solution to add comfort to you outdoor living space! The average cost of our enclosures are right at $2000 installed. (28-36 linear feet typical) While the patio screen is affordable, do not mistake that for inferior, flimsy or tacky. The cost savings is in the design, but the materials are marine grade which hold up well to the elements. There are some very good ideas out there, but they just didn’t folow through with quality materials. This system is robust and looks tailored.

The enclosure is designed with the goal of eliminating flying insects without obstructing your view and without breaking the budget. Now more than ever, we are spending more time outdoors. Airflow is becoming a top priority as we find ways to visit dine and entertain safely and comfortably. Our outdoor spaces are great – except for the flying insects.

Our screen room solutions are an affordable, elegant and simple solution. They allow you to enjoy your space without a high cost, and without structural intrusions. I will tell you why I love these systems:

I wanted to be able to sit on my patio and have a meal or drink a glass of wine without swatting flies or having gnats or other pests in my food and drink.
I wanted to be able to sit and watch the kids or visit without having to put on pesticides.
I wanted to be able to look at my backyard without a wall or boards blocking even part of the view.
I wanted to be able to quickly open the space up for full, uninterrupted passage without it being a major project.
I didn’t want to have to shower AGAIN before I went to bed to get the smell of OFF off.
I tried many variations before I settled on this solution. Traditional screen rooms were 3-4 times more expensive. Screen panels were still expensive, plus they just did not look pretty.

I really am excited about being able to offer this product. I use my patio in ways I never could before.
It stays cleaner because leaves and debris don’t build up.
I don’t get wildlife on my patio – squirrels ruining my cushions, birds building nests, dirt dobbers building everywhere, wasps nests are no more.
And there is just something about having a dinner on the patio that is just nice.

Anyone that knows R.O.I., knows we tell the good and the bad:
The screen rooms are not hermetically sealed. They are designed to minimize flying insects. I treat the bottom and top of my room once a year and don’t have a problem. I do still get geckos, but I like them.
They will not stop pets. Or children. Maybe cats. I intentionally trained my dog to open and close it because now I basically have a giant doggie door. However, we do have a LOT of feral cats. They used to sleep on my patio furniture at night, but now they never come in. I’m not an expert, but maybe they don’t like to force their way in. But they could if they wanted.

We would be happy to come give a free, no pressure estimate and show you how our system can transform your outdoor space. Call 254-836-1667 to set up an appointment at your convenience.