Our Windows

R.O.I. Home Improvements, Inc. sells product only, typically for new construction, but we are happy to sell to do-it-yourself people that want to install on their own.  Installation is no longer an option.  For new construction, this is for protection and convenience for all parties.  It is customary for the framers to install the windows.  There is no downtime waiting for scheduling, and they are fully responsible for making sure your vapor barrier is properly installed and attached to the window flange.  This way, if there are ever any water issues, there is no question of responsibility with the homeowner stuck in the middle.  In either case, if you email the window schedule, or even just send the dimensions, operating configuration (single hung, double hung, slider, etc.), color and quantities, we are happy to give a quote.
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We carry vinyl windows typically in white or tan, and exterior color coated vinyl windows.  They carry a lifetime warranty and are purchased from a company that has stellar product quality and customer service.  Beautiful products in a variety of styles and options.

Styles and Choices

It is amazing how much windows can change the look, feel and function of your home. They can make a ‘distressed’ property instantly look better, like a face-lift for your home. It can take years off. There are also plenty of ways to maintain the original period look. You do not have to put the same type of window in as you currently have. Just changing the opening type of the window from two vertical sliders to a picture window or a horizontal slider, for example, can really make a big difference. There are a myriad of frame colors (Yes Color!) and styles, grid patterns, and opening configurations.


This probably has the most impact on the overall look of the window. You do not have to have any grids for a very clean contemporary look, or to keep a fabulous view unobstructed. But grids come in an endless variety of patterns, in either flat, sculpted, simulated divided lights, and true divided lights.

Window Grid Pattern example 1 Window Grid Pattern example 2 Window Grid Pattern example 3 Window Grid Pattern example 4


All of our products have either dual pane or triple pane glass. There are also options for etched glass and frosted grid patterns, and a variety of beautiful obscure glass options for privacy and décor. Here are photos of just a few of the variations possible:

Glass Configurations

Opening configurations

Available in many opening configurations including, single hung, double hung, horizontal sliders, casement, picture, hoppers, awnings, bay, bow and garden windows. And PET DOORS.

Window openings - 1 Window Openings - 2 Bay Windows Pet doors Garden Window
  • Picture window
  • Single hung
  • Double hung
  • Horizontal slider
  • Double Horizontal slider
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Bay/bow
  • Garden window
  • Geometric
  • Stacked units, and mulled units